Manguarding Services

DSSG guarding services are adjusted to meet the dangers and challenges within the residential, commercial, retail, institutional, and industrial sectors. The company recognizes that each showcased segment requires a wide range of security services and specialized training to maximize the safety of our client and address the necessary hazard components involved.

Unarmed Security Guards

Manguarding Services includes ‘Unarmed Security Guards’, who are employed in various and most cases than armed security guards. Unarmed Security Guards can be employed for instance, at a food store, supermarkets, retail establishments, shopping malls, schools, and colleges, etc. These officials are always ready to receive and execute instructions and commands in most effective ways possible.

Armed Security Guards

Armed Guarding services are all about ‘Safe, Secure, Friendly Armed Security Guards’. Armed security officials are needed when there is something substantial on stake or something of colossal value has to be guarded. This can include cash, jewelry, antiques, works of art, valuable documents and important individuals.

Why Our Guarding Service?

We at DSSG, understand the importance of delicate information and the correct kind of response to it. When a situation or a security need arises, a response is minute away. We send a security officer to your location within minutes.

We deliver responses 24/7 for various retail locations because many of them utilize this facility to ensure that they have an unfailing and reliable security agency. In cases of ATM Security, DSSG dispatches a technician to serve it. The technician will need an armed security officer for assistance to prevent any possible mishap.

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