Protective Services

Each individual has distinctive characteristics, yet that quality must be productive when it is put to test in real life. Security manpower is a vital and basic piece of manpower services required in numerous enterprises. Most of the organizations require security checks, things checks, checking of materials and people entering and leaving the office vicinity. The type of security manpower that is needed depends on the type of industry. DSSG has a unique mix of technical and non-technical manpower services which ultimately provides impeccable security services to our clients.
DSSG’s Protective Services are manufactured to deter any malicious activity, safeguard the client’s properties, and spread the word on how to take collective action on protecting themselves. In specialized guarding, the contact person, in most cases, is a security officer, who essentially represents the organization. DSSG provides professional, trained security personnel to safeguard people and business assets. The security personnel is trained in our own training center with client’s need being the priority. We recruit the best employees and the right personnel for the right operation. We understand our clients’ business needs and align our capabilities to make sure the best in class solutions are provided. Our flexible and efficient security recruitment procedures are framed around the variegated objectives of our clients.

Why our Protective Services?

Our flexible and efficient security and specialized staffing model are shaped around the business objectives of our clients. Our security professionals guard our clients’ assets, welcome and greet their customers and effectively respond to challenging situations

  • Specialized staffing model shaped around clients’ business objectives
  • Flexible, efficient mobile patrols
  • Best talent in the industry
  • Ongoing training for all staff
  • Recruitment and human resources services
  • Thorough supervision
  • National control center

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