Risk Management

Like we said, we believe in the power of information and preparation. Identifying risks involved in any state and then reacting with precision, is our everyday labour. The methods we use for locating any kind of risk includes security survey, protective security risk review, security audit, security review, risk and threat assessment.

The aim of risk management is to determine the vulnerability of the organisation or amount of exposure it has to adversities or hazards. The three major stages in risk management include identified, critically, vulnerability and probability. Critical assessment of any risk involves dictating the value of all assets or potential losses to the organisation should these assets be lost or the operation of the organisation are impaired as the result f the hazard.

Specialization & Training

We conduct awareness through theoretical and practical training of our management staff and employees on fire prevention, evacuation plans, women security, office and work place security, visitor management, corporate solutions, disaster management among others. DSSG also performs complete analysis of client needs, preparation of scope of work, identification of assets that need protection, identification f risk factors and appropriate countermeasures, analyse security systems and all the necessary prerequisites before any risk.

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