DSSG: Standing tall amongst top security companies in India

Datar Security and Services Group is one of the leading security company in India and has been trusted by many for complete security services solution. With more than 15 years of peerless security provision, DSSG has been solving onerous security problems with great determination and inventive solutions. We home more than 6000 skilled security officials and deliver in 20 locations across India.

To be among the top security companies in India, it is important to bring together the right people, training, and technology to provide exceptional and ceaseless security solutions and responsive support to clients, this is where DSSG has continuously worked on and as a result, stands proudly among some of India’s top security service companies.DSSG delivers a wide range of clients with services which include Protective Services, Man guarding Services, Armedguarding Services, Event Security, Manpower Services, Facility Management, Risk Management, Cell Tower Operations and Maintenance.

In order to find the right security and services solutions, identifying the needs and requirements is of colossal importance. DSSG provides tailored services to various segments such as Corporate, Banking, Government, Hospitals etc. Our Security and service personnel are trained well to cater to the client needs.

Our Culture: Makes us stand out from other security companies in India

DSSG is built on sheer trust and confidence. We believe in maintaining openness and transparency with our clients as well as our employees. That is one of the reasons why we welcome and appreciate all sorts of suggestions and feedbacks. The DSSG culture contains fundamentals such as the freedom of act, trust and confidence, freedom to disagree and question, development of our employees, recognizing individuality, building confidence, team building and leveraging technology. Mentioned above were the highlights of DSSG cultural beliefs and impact on the work environment. We believe in building a culture that has immense diversity and openness to new and young ideas. Together we look for problem solving solutions. This is what defines DSSG.

OUR MISSION: Unmatchable Client Service

We at DSSG, thrive on providing the finest security solutions in the industry. Protecting our client’s life, reputation and assets, is our only mission. We believe in attaining these objectives by ongoing investment in advanced and innovative technology. DSSG is dedicated towards providing unmatchable customer services, with an aim to establish trust within the DSSG community. Furthermore, we make sure that our personnel are fully trained with ability to engage in any form of adversity.

OUR VISION: To be the best security company in India

We are committed to become the best in the industry without compromising with the quality we wish to deliver and our ethics as an organisation. We are also committed to listen to the needs of our employees and customers. We aim to provide unparalleled security services to industry and domestic commerce.
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OUR VALUES: Being Ethical and Professional are two major pillars of value system.

Rated highly for our entrepreneurial spirit, we are very keen on becoming India’s biggest security solutions provider. Not to mention, we believe in building a never-failing relationship with our clients by providing them with greatest possible security solutions. In addition, reliability is quintessential for us. We believe in delivering with precision and timeliness. We are known for one of the best client care services in the industry. We are amenable to the core and treat each client with extreme personalism.

Chairman, Colonel P.S. Bhinder (Retd)

Chairman, DSSG, a Security company in India
Datar Security Services Group- Security Company In Delhi

Chairman, Colonel P.S. Bhinder brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to this organization. He is a proud recipient of various accolades during his career, one of which is Shaurya Chakra by the former president Shri Shankar Dayal Sharma in 1993.

Colonel P.S Bhinder is the brains behind DSSG’s peerless status in the industry. His leadership ability and futuristic vision qualities have always added more innovation, improved operational efficiency, and made timely executions.

Chairman, Colonel P.S. Bhinder has a background as an Instructor, R&D, Quality Assurance of weapons and Equipment, MOD and National Security Guards (NSG), Training Centre & Faculty of Studies. He is respected not only by his troops but by his peers and those up the ranks. Colonel P.S. Bhinder is recognized for his ability to balance the spirit of the organization.

Group CEO, Adel Singh

GROUP CEO of DSSG, a Security company in India
Datar Security Services Group- Security Company In Delhi

As a Group CEO, Adel Singh is responsible for directing security operations, implementing company policies and procedures, and strategic planning. Being an MBA, Adel Singh has strategically and precisely implemented business advancements amidst various challenges and has always brought knowledge efficiency to the organization. His decisions and ideas are very well thought of. He takes a vision and makes it a reality through sound strategy development.

He is now spearheading major strategic shifts for transforming Security and Services from a functional focus to an enabler of innovation for the business and integrating the technical organization so that it supports DSSG’s goal to be a truly global company.
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DSSG offers a climate where employees act positively and vigorously. There is no sense of disruption, confusion and instability. We operate amidst results-oriented environment where people are measured on what they bring to the organisation. DSSG believes in a culture that allows diversity, healthy disagreements and dissent simultaneously ensuring self-correction and development of employees and their ideas. We believe to encounter differences while searching for best solutions.


DSSG works as a team to further a culture of integrity, excellence and dignity in everything we do. All our people across our businesses share the same ideas and objectives. The climate that we have, welcome various contributions and inputs. Trust and confidence are built on openness and a sheer transparency which in turn, help create more openness.


We have trust and confidence in our subordinates, peers and superiors. Expressing feelings, admitting problems, seeking help, inviting critique and feedback, offering ideas and suggestions, and giving support are the signs of respect, trust and confidence.


DSSG values commitment. We are committed to protect and serve because that what we do best. Our interaction with our client means gold to us. We act with a sense of urgency and are known for our agility. We deeply understand what our clients expect and when they expect it. DSSG stands firm on the grounds of client care and commitment to deliver ceaseless services.

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