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About Us

About Us

The leading provider of security and manpower solution services in India, Datar Security and Service Group (DSSG) has been trusted to overcome today’s security challenges. Over the years, DSSG has served various organizations and institutions with overall protection by deploying trained guards as well as innovative security technologies. The company acts as a valuable administrator between the people who protect and the ones who need to be protected. Each and every person associated with DSSG is sincerely dedicated to protecting the life, property and all other precious assets of our clients.

DSSG began with the simple vision of providing manpower solutions to both the government and the private sector in India. The group began its operations back in 2004, providing security services to various organizations of Delhi. We got our first big break by getting a contract with Engineers India Limited (EIL) for 110 security guards for a period of three years. Other clients of the energy sector also came on board with DSSG establishing strong ties with Oil India Limited, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited, and Haryana Power Generation Corporation Limited. Over the years, DSSG has expanded its presence in different industries like agriculture, construction, transport, education, healthcare, and banking by providing exceptional security and manpower services.

Our Chairman, Col. P.S. Bhinder (Retd.),
receiving Shaurya Charra by the former
President of India Shankar Dayal Sharma, 1993
The first DSSG round table conference, led by Our Chairman Col. P.S. Bhinder (Retd.)