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Unified Brainz celebrated the success of Men leading by example with glitz, glamour and glory on the occasion of International Men's Day on 19 November 2020.

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The world witnessed the most awaited event "Men Leaders to look Upto 2020" on digital grounds. This glorious ceremony saw the presence of some most sought-after line-up of Men Leaders who were featured from different walks of life sharing passionate journey.

As the Group CEO of DSSG, Adel Singh has set the benchmark with his impeccable leadership and organisational skills. Adel has grown DSSG from its humble beginnings in 2004 into a company now serving many industry sectors such as agriculture, construction, transport, education, healthcare and banking. DSSG has maintained consistent growth PAN India and is aggressively going global. Adel believes in leading by example. His constant effort remains in staying ahead of time, meeting deadlines without excuses and developing a strong work ethic. Adel’s passion is such that he doesn’t leave work until he plans for the next day.

Failure gets to everyone! Having said that, Adel deals with disappointment in a positive way. “You can’t appreciate a win till you haven’t failed in the pursuit of achieving it. Failure is part of the process. I know it sounds cliché, but it’s the truth.” Adel takes every setback as an opportunity to learn something new. He always has a full-fledged plan for correcting the flaws. Every time he feels knocked out, he focuses on rising again. He compares this sentiment with Mike Tyson’s uppercut. “But that’s never the end!” he exclaims.

An ever-thankful Adel is the perfect example of a true leader, learner and planner!

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