Armed Guarding

Armed Guarding services are preferred by organizations and individuals who are high risk as they require better protection. Armed guards are well trained to prevent any situation from escalating as they possess adequate training to takedown angry or violent people as well as apprehend the culprit before handing him/her to the authorities. They are also well adept at smooth passage of highly sensitive goods from one place to another.

Benefits of Armed Guarding

  • Protects your property from theft and unauthorized access
  • Informs about the entry and exit point of buildings to visitors
  • Protects individuals from assault or injury
  • Conducts searches for enhanced safety and security

Manned Guarding

Manned guarding is the foundation on which the security industry was built as it was the only form of security which organizations and institutions required as they invested heavily in their infrastructure. DSSG started with manned guarding. and over the years has improved the kind of training provided to them to ensure they can identify suspicious behaviour immediately as well as actively patrol and guard the premises they are stationed at.

Benefits of Manned Guarding

  • Acts as a visual deterrent to criminals
  • Quickly identify and remove threats
  • Provides heightened sense of security
  • Help you deal with crowd control to ensure no unrest
  • Ensure quick response time before police arrival