Auxiliary Services

DSSG provides a wide range of auxiliary services which act as an adequate support system for an organization as they are responsible for maintaining a positive environment at the workplace. In addition to keeping a good work environment our personnel carry out essential tasks which ensure that work is carried out at a smooth pace and the employee morale is high. We provide soft services like janitorial services, chefs and personal caretakers as well as trained personnel for workplace solutions like receptionists, bus drivers and conductors among other manpower solutions.

How our auxiliary services can help you?

  • Our facility management staff helps you keep your workplace clean and hygienic
  • Our receptionists greet visitors with a pleasant smile as well as organize the front desk of your office to provide quick access to information
  • Our chefs and personal caretakers take care of your health and well being
  • The bus drivers and conductors we supply are adequately trained to ensure that passengers have a great experience onboard