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Who we are

Datar Security Service Group (DSSG) was formed in the year 2004 with the mission of providing exceptional security services to both the government and private sector with its skilled and resourceful personnel.

What we do

DSSG trains and provides security personnel who help organizations secure the premises by actively guarding and patrolling as well as protecting their infrastructure and assets from risk like theft and vandalism.

Where we do it

DSSG offers its manpower services across different industries like agriculture, construction, transport, education, healthcare and banking by providing them flawless security solutions for all round protection.

Our Motto

At DSSG we believe in providing fair and equal opportunities to everyone which is why we have created a transparent and diverse culture that promotes hardworking people who can lead and guide the new ones joining our workforce.

What We Offer

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DSSG provides guarding solutions for enhanced security for both home and office premises as our security personnel are adequately trained to identify suspicious behavior while actively patrolling and guarding the premises.

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Auxiliary Services

DSSG provides a wide range of auxiliary services which act as an adequate support system for an organization as they are responsible for optimized efficiency and productivity at the workplace by keeping the environment well organized and prepared.

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DSSG’s surveillance services provide you with the best tools to check what is happening in your organization and monitor both people and assets to ensure there is total transparency in operations which bodes well for the company in the long run.

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Event Security

DSSG provides well trained security personnel to keep uninvited people out of the event proceedings so that it goes on smoothly as planned. We know every event is different which is why our team devises unique solutions for all round protection.

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Patrol and Guard Dog Security

We at DSSG provide dogs which have been trained by canine handler specialists who enable the dog to protect people, premises and property round the clock with their formidable speed and sharp senses of sight and smell against all possible trespassers.

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Inspection Systems

There are many inspection systems that are required for diligent screening and searching for everyone who enters the premises to safeguard them against attacks like metal detectors, chemical and explosive detectors which DSSG is adept at providing.

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